Concrete mixing, asphalt and precast concrete

The power of Elettrondata integration at your service

The industries  manufacturing concrete, asphalts or intermediate products have very similar needs in terms of control and logistics management.

Elettrondata has a large number of installations in these sectors allowing us to develop a vast business know-how leading to the creation of a control software that covers the primary need in these areas but to create customized solutions to cover the particular differences between each manufacturing discipline.

In particular, a common need of these sectors is the need to manage a fleet of machines in real time and to intelligently control the distribution of the product in a vast network of construction sites.

This is where the Elettrondata tracking systems come into play. Thanks to a series of automation and tools installed on the vehicle fleet, you can manage the entire distribution logistics structure from the company control room. Thus optimizing and managing time and solving any emergency in real time.