BETONWIN: New release

A new update and important features for BETONWIN

Betonwin, one of the most used software in Italy to automate concrete mixing plants receives a substantial update, enriched with new important features.

From today all the data concerning the plant, concerning production, stocks, cycle data and events are stored on SQL database with the possibility of external access via odbced driver or exportable in CSV format.

The data of different plants can be exported, in real time, to a single database. From this workstation, managed by a Concentrator software package, it is possible to analyze production data, process it and print it in the various reporting formats. Furthermore it is possible to interact with the various connected plants.

Reports and cycles have been upgraded, plus there is an “Event Analysis” function that allows you to combine event log, alarms and cyclograms for precise diagnosis of production and possible problems.

It is now possible to program system maintenance with advice or alarm messages, which remind you when to perform the “cutting” of the system. The printing, graphics, can be directed to any printer installed in the system (also pdf) and it is now possible to see the print preview.

These are just some of the features available in the new Betonwin III – contact our sales department for an introductory offer!