Mixed cemented on SCADA platform

An automation system for cemented mixed plants

Elettrondata has developed an automation system for cemented mixed plants and road surfaces. The automation can be installed on the latest generation PC or on industrial Panel PCs. The maximum configuration of the automation software includes 6 aggregates, 2 cements, 2 waters and up to 4 additives. The recipes can be set in percentage, flow or cubic meters.

Features include: production, work cycle, consumption, product reporting, broken down by operator or by extractor. All data are stored on SQL database and in CSV format to maximize compatibility. A cycle start is provided that allows to set the production time, or a quantity to be produced, or the stop by means of a button.

It is possible to set the hourly production flow rate that can also be changed during production. Automation has already been installed on various plants in Northern Europe, Latin America and Italy.